Photos of all six speakers from the conference next to each other.

Together 4 Dementia 2021 FAQs

If you would like to download the FAQs, please click on: Together 4 Dementia 2021 FAQs

Do I have to sit at my screen the whole time?

No, you can attend just some of the event – please read this section in full if you would like to attend only part of the conference.

Please make a note of the times of talks you would like to attend from the Together 4 Dementia 2021 Agenda

Please make sure you arrive online, 5 minutes before a talk is due to start, to ensure you can be readmitted.

We will not admit people back in during a talk. Thank you!

Will I be visible to other people attending?

You will be neither visible not audible, so you can watch and listen as if sitting in front of a television. When you enter the conference, you will be on mute with your camera turned off.

The exception will be if you choose to visit workshops or if you have opted into networking. Then you will be asked to turn your sound on and video.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing platform. To learn how to set up a Zoom account in around 5 minutes, please look at BRACE’s easy ‘how to guide’ HERE.

Can I give a friend, family member, colleague the online conference joining details?

Please do not share the Zoom joining details. Please ask them to book their own ticket on the Together 4 Dementia event page.  If booking after 1st November, please ask them to contact Emma on [email protected] to request a very last minute ticket.

Can I ask the speakers questions?

During the event, there will be an opportunity to ask questions via the Zoom chat box. Please be aware that all event guests will be able to see your questions. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible through the conference.

Can I just turn up to networking?

Networking is only available to attendees who have pre-booked a networking place.

Am I being recorded?

We will only be recording the speaker’s talks. As an attendee you will not be filmed at all.

Can I watch the conference on catch-up after the event?

Clips of the talks will be available sometime after the conference. Unfortunately, due to the editing cost and being a small charity, the conference will not be available to watch in full.