Become a Business Partner

Companies are made up of fantastic people who have made a significant contribution to dementia research over the years by raising funds, raising awareness and going the extra mile to help BRACE support scientific research to defeat dementia.

Whether you are a small business or large company, you and your colleagues can get involved in fun ways that you can be proud of.

We need your support now!

First Steps to Partnership

If you are the charity lead within your company then you may already know the procedure in place for making BRACE the charity of choice for your partnership.

If not, these tips will help get you started!

  • Find out if your company currently supports a charity, and how it selects it's charity partners - is there a staff vote, and can you nominate BRACE?
  • If there is already a main charity that your company supports, there may still be options for getting involved with BRACE alongside this, perhaps through volunteering or our networking and wellbeing events.
  • Seek out who your charity leads are and have a chat with them.
  • Chat with your colleagues; what kind of activities would you want to get involved with and what do you want to get out of a charity partnership? Check out our Stories and ideas page to give you some ideas of what our business partners have done in the past!
  • Then have a chat with us! We would love to hear from you, answer any questions you may have, and help you tailor the perfect partnership between BRACE and your company.

    What we can offer...

    • Speakers and activities to increase dementia awareness among staff, improving understanding and allowing colleagues to make preventative lifestyle choices
    • Fulfilment of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives
    • An active social media presence so that your staff and your customers know how you support us and why.  A LinkedIn page and dedicated website page where we publicly thank our business supporters

      We decided to support BRACE on a long-term basis in 2019 after hearing about the fantastic work the charity does towards hopefully finding a cure for dementia. Specialising in helping people in later life with financial planning, dementia is a syndrome we come across often and the impact is devastating for the people it affects. We’re all passionate about raising awareness of dementia, making our community as dementia-friendly as possible and raising money towards research in to finding a cure!

      Amy Wood, Harold Stephens

      Join our Business Network

      It might surprise you that a charity would run a networking event, but that’s exactly what we do! Join our 'Business Network' and connect to others in the local area!

      Bespoke Event Sponsorship

      Help spread awareness of your partnership with BRACE by sponsoring one of our events, or by having our team support your own bespoke event!

      Contact Us

      Can your company help? Contact us to find out just what we need to achieve our ambitious programme. Whatever your capacity to give, support or raise awareness, we have the most comprehensive plan to help vital research into dementia and we want to hear from you and how you can be a part of the journey!


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