BRACE Lottery

Lots of different colour lottery balls
You could be a winner!

Join the BRACE Dementia Research Lottery today and you will be entered in our weekly draw for just £1.00 a week. £52 if paid annually, £4.34 per month for one number or £8.68 for two numbers per month.

You can have as many numbers as you want!

The winner is chosen weekly and receives 25% of the fund, with the other 75% going directly to fund, world class dementia research.

Last year we raised almost £10,000!

Full terms and conditions available on request.

To sign up now, please fill this quick form in 

To sign up online and pay annually:

Please make a one-off donation of £52 for one number, and state 'lottery' in the comment section. The lottery is not eligible for gift aid, so please do not tick the box! We will be in touch soon after signing up to confirm your ticket. Please make sure your email is correct when paying.

Further queries or in need of help? Please contact Jeanne on or call 07366 311 431


I would like to choose more than 2 numbers, how much will it cost?

3 numbers = £3 per week, £13.02 per month, or £156 per year

4 numbers = £4 per week, £17.36 per month, or £208 per year