Photos of all six speakers from the conference next to each other.

Together 4 Dementia 2021 Agenda

We hope you are looking forward to the conference as much as we are!

If you would like to download a copy of the agenda, please click: Together-4-Dementia-2021-Agenda 2 November

If you are only able to attend part of Together 4 Dementia, please make a note of the times of talks you would like to attend.

Please make sure you arrive online, 5 minutes before a talk is due to start, to ensure you can be readmitted. We will not admit people back in during a talk. Thank you!

Please note this agenda is in GMT.


10.30 - 10.45: Online doors open!

10.45: Welcome to all attending Networking

11.00- 11.30: Networking


11.30- 11.35: Welcome and Opening of the Conference

11.35- 11.55: Professor Clive Ballard, PROTECT Study, University of Exeter

11.55 - 12.20 pm: Shobna Gulati, ‘Remember Me? Discovering My Mother as She Lost Her Memory’

12.20 pm: Comfort Break and a chance to learn relaxation techniques with Chris Briggs


12.25-12.45 pm: Live from The Netherlands, Eloy Van Hal, De Hogeweyk - the Dutch Dementia Village

12.45- 13.00 pm: Q&A and panel with Ali Vowles


13.00- 13.30 pm: Lunch and workshops


13.30 -14.00 pm: Live from Minneapolis, Lori La Bey, Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

14.00 pm: Rianna Patterson, Dominica Dementia Foundation

14.10- 14.35 pm: Jane Nickels, the UK’s first Dementia and Learning Disabilities Nurse

14.35 -14.40 pm: Comfort Break


14.40- 15.00 pm: Q&A with panel and Ali Vowles

15.00 pm: Brief roundup of the conference