Are you new to the world of online events and Zoom? 

This simple step-by-step guide will tell you all you need to know about how easy it is to join BRACE's online events which use a website and app called Zoom 

We recommend watching this video, as well as following the instructions below, to learn just how quick and easy it is to join an online event!

When you sign up to an online BRACE event you will receive an email confirming you have a place at the online event. 24 hours before the online event is due to start you will receive an email with the 'zoom meeting' details.

We recommend downloading the Zoom app from the app store if using an ipad here or if using a laptop/computer here before you use Zoom for the first time. You can create a free Zoom account using your email address and set a password.

If you create a free account, make sure you write down which email you've used and your password somewhere safe so you can log in, just before you join the BRACE online event!

When it is time to join the online event you will need to go to the email with the meeting details and click on the blue link, it will look similar to this:


This will take you to the online event!

If you are having any problems joining the event by clicking the blue link in the event email you can type in the ‘Meeting ID’ instead on Zoom, then click 'join' to join the online event. It will look like this on a laptop/computer.


It will look like this on an Ipad:


Simply type in the meeting ID number, click join and you will be able to join the online event.

We hope you found this useful!