Donating your brain to research

One of the most personal ways you can contribute to the fight against dementia is to consider donating your brain to research.

BRACE funds the South West Dementia Brain Bank (SWDBB), which is a vital research resource of brain tissue which has been donated by people with or without dementia.

Many major advances in our understanding of neurological disease have been accomplished based on studies of human brain tissue. At present a ‘definite’ diagnosis of dementia cannot usually be given during life. It is only after death, when brain tissue is examined that we can confirm clinical diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to making progress with treatments and research. This research would not be possible without the generosity of the donors and we are truly grateful for their gift to dementia research.

The South West Dementia Brain Bank maintains a register of donors who have given consent for their brain to be donated when they pass away. If you are interested in donating your brain tissue or would like further information please contact the SWDBB Manager Dr Laura Palmer on 0117 4147821.

Dr Laura Palmer, 36, examines brain samples stored in a freezer at -150 degrees centigrade at the Brain Bank at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. July 17 2017.

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