My Story: Life with Dementia

There are almost one million people living with dementia in the UK. Every single person affected by dementia, past and present, is a one in a million to their loved ones.

Please know if your family is affected by dementia, you are not alone. Below you will find moving and touching stories about loved ones affected by dementia.

"My mum was a true lifelong learner. To her, reading novels was a waste of time when there was so much to read and learn about in the real world. From her university studies in Archaeology, Spanish and French..."

"My grandfather was a uniquely intelligent and active man. He was a successful engineer and businessman. But also with such a love of literature he went back to university as a mature student to study it."

Paul and Maggie

"Paul was the life and soul of any party, the first to get up to dance and the last to leave, with Maggie, his wife of 14 years, by his side. They were the best of friends throughout their 29-year relationship..."

Retired journalist and practising artist, Willy Gilder, shares his unconventional story of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 67.

"He insisted that he had to put his jacket and shoes on to go to the airport. Someone was picking him up. He had to go to Burma..."

"My life before dementia. I can picture it, I can recall it 100% almost, but you ask me what I had for breakfast today and I haven’t a clue."

"We talked about her illness over the six years, changing the emphasis as time progressed and the worse she got, and discussed what it all meant."

“My Mum had been reported by a building society as being in a state of confusion and wandering around the streets of Perth at risk."

“My father often said when I was a child that if he was ever ill he would much rather be treated by a vet than a doctor..."

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