BRACE Champions

Defeating dementia thanks to devoted BRACE Champions like you

Who are BRACE Champions? 

As a small charity we are so fortunate to have incredible supporters that make dementia research possible. Supporters who regularly donate to dementia research automatically become a BRACE Champion. 

Regular donors are those who give the same amount each month, quarter, or year. They normally do so by standing order, direct debit or via a third party such as Go Cardless or CAF. Tokens of thanks are given to all BRACE Champions for helping BRACE to plan future research.

What’s in it for you? 

When you become a BRACE Champion you will receive : 

  • A letter of thanks and welcome from our Director 
  • An annual update on the impact of your donation  
  • A discount code for our online shop 
  • A BRACE pin badge to wear with pride 
  • A place on our BRACE Champions website wall of fame 

Feeling shy? We will give you the option to opt in or out to public thanks, on our website, social media and anywhere else, when first joining and you can change your preferences at any time. 

What’s in it for dementia research? 

  • Long-term impact 

Dementia research takes time. By giving to BRACE over a longer period your gift can last the length of an entire research project, or at least one stage of it. Your donations can keep long-term projects in action.  

  • Better financial planning 

Regular gifts help BRACE plan which research projects we can fund and for how long. Without this knowledge, we may miss out on research that could bring us closer to finding a cure for dementia. 

  • No missed opportunities 

Sometimes, while working on a project, researchers identify areas where more research would be useful, or a potential next stage for the project. But if the funding runs out, the project must end stopping researchers from exploring and making potential breakthroughs. Regular gifts ensure research can go the distance. 

What could your regular donation do? 

£4 a month/£48 a year could pay for a tissue sample to be prepared for research at the BRACE funded South West Dementia Brain Bank. 

£10 a month/£120 a year could support a research project developing a new dementia treatment. 

£50 a month/£600 a year could fund 30 hours of work by a Dementia Research Nurse. 

Examples of what BRACE donors have funded: 

  • Important trials to get an Alzheimer’s disease drug (galantamine) clinically approved. 
  • A dementia research nurse supporting people living with dementia to take part in research studies. 
  • Improving MRI equipment to detect Alzheimer’s disease earlier. 
  • Developed an assessment tool that is used worldwide in the diagnosis and monitoring of dementia. 
  • Research into less well known and researched areas of dementia such as emotional processing, movement and balance problems, and quality of life. 
  • The Brain Centre - BRACE made a major contribution to the cost of developing the Bristol Brain Centre at Southmead Hospital, a world class clinical research centre.  
  • The South West Dementia Brain Bank (SWDBB) - an important platform for both UK and international dementia researchers providing tissue samples for thousands of researchers each year. 
  • More than 35 PhD students, ensuring the future of dementia research.   
  • A pilot project that developed the world's first early Alzheimer's EEG test. It is so successful the NHS are now investigating for their use.  

We are a small charity committed to funding as much research as possible with donations from kind supporters, like you. In 2022, for every £1 raised, 78p went towards charitable activities and the rest towards fundraising and governance.  Thank you to every single person who supports BRACE and dementia research.

Together we will defeat dementia. 

Are you interested in becoming a BRACE Champion? Please email Elise on: [email protected] to find out how. Thank you.


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