Bespoke Event Sponsorship

Help spread awareness of your partnership with BRACE by sponsoring one of our events, or by having our team support your own bespoke event plans that showcase your business and goals.

Your Bespoke Business Events

BRACE are always delighted to support with any events our business partners are planning, whether they are a fundraiser for the charity or a wider-scale organisational meeting, AGM or client event. We'd even love to be a part of your business socials to help raise the profile of our partnership and celebrate the efforts of your team. 

One key way in which we are always happy to support and champion our partners is through speaking at your event; whether that is our CEO, Head of Fundraising & Communications, a researcher or even a family who can share their experiences. Visit our Request a Speaker page to find out more. 

Further event support which we can offer includes:

Event Planning:

If you want to host an event in aid of BRACE, as either a fundraiser or an awareness builder, then the team at BRACE have a wealth of experience that can help get you started. We know what works well and will listen to your needs, to help you tailor an idea into an event that will be accessible and inclusive to your target audience. We want to support you in being adventurous and ambitious, mixing tried and tested fundraisers with bespoke, fresh events that will keep your staff and stakeholders engaged in the partnership. Whether you are completely stuck for an idea or just not sure how to bring your vision to life, get in touch with us

Equally, we are happy to offer event support beyond fundraising, including championing your partnership with BRACE; as part of your efforts in securing new business, presenting to your Board or as part of any function for your shareholders. 


We have all the physical resources you need to make your event a success. You can email us to make a request for any of the following: BRACE pop-up banners, branded bunting or balloons, branded tablecloth, plus branded collection tins and buckets!

We also have on request a contactless tap to donate machine which can make a brilliant solution for events where you anticipate needing to take a lot of donations quickly, or for office floor-walks.

Finally, we have BRACE t-shirts which you and your team can wear on the day to make your event look all the more professional!

We also have literature that can be displayed around your event, such as flyers and postcards providing a brief overview of BRACE, or posters for our upcoming campaigns.

If you'd like to showcase BRACE as part of a presentation, or have looping screens playing in the venue, then we can also provide video content for you, such as;

  • for non-audio needs, a selection of images and quotes from our researchers
  • testimonials from researchers showcasing what a day in their life is like
  • a tour of the Soth-West Bristol Brain Bank
the brace difference

Sponsoring a BRACE event

Each year BRACE organise a variety of fundraising, CSR and networking events for our business partners, the details of which you can always find here

We're always looking for businesses to host our in-person networking events. Could this be you?

On top of this, there are also events run by the whole team at BRACE, which span all our donors and stakeholders. Some examples of these include our 2022 Gala Dinner & Auction and Autumn Fairs, which you can engage with as a business sponsor, contributor or guest! 

All of our sponsorship packages involve multiple levels of support that you can select from, including the option to sponsor a specific part of the event as well as differing financial asks. Contact Chris at [email protected] for more information.

We aim for your sponsorship to help with the exposure of your business and the great community work you are doing, so will also look to promote your involvement through the event materials, communications prior, during and post event, and more!

In the middle is Peaches Golding in a black and white dress. To her right are three men in suits. To her left is Richard Lowe in a suit and Jane Dare in a black dress. Behind them is a Hewlett Rand sign.

Hewlett Rand - Headline sponsor for the BRACE 2022 Auction and Gala Dinner

"With an ever ageing population, finding treatments and a cure for Dementia and Alzheimer’s has become critical. Therefore, Hewlett Rand has been delighted to support BRACE Dementia Research Charity over the last few years, and we’ve been very proud to have initiated, sponsored and co-organised BRACE’s very first Charity Dinner. A cure is out there and that’s why research is absolutely vital to unlocking it. So, I do encourage other organisations from around the world to fund BRACE Dementia Research so we can all defeat dementia."

Richard Lowe (Managing Director of Hewlett Rand)

Can your company help? Contact us to find out just what we need to achieve our ambitious programme.  Whatever your capacity to give, support or raise awareness, we have the most comprehensive plan to help vital research into dementia and we want to hear from you and how you can be a part of the journey!

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