What our supporters say

"I became a BRACE volunteer after my husband suffered with Alzheimer's Disease in the 1990s. The charity has broadened its horizons and status since then and I am pleased to have contributed. The future must find a way to help those suffering from dementia and the pain and suffering caused to those near to them."

Susan Marshfield MBE
A volunteer in many roles

"I’m delighted to support the important research funded by BRACE. Dementia is one of the biggest economic challenges we face today. The estimated cost to the UK economy is £26.3 billion, but just £74 million - or 0.28% of the probable cost - is spent on research to defeat it. This has to change, please consider supporting today. "

Robert Peston
Robert Peston, ITV and former BBC economics editor

"As a former carer, and now a dementia campaigner, I'm proud to be a BRACE ambassador. Research into the different types of dementia gives us the knowledge to change lives."

Beth Britton
A national dementia campaigner and blogger, and a BRACE Ambassador

"BRACE was one of three charities I supported when I rowed the Atlantic. Whether you cross an ocean or make cakes, please do it for BRACE!"

Callum Gathercole
Youngest solo transatlantic rower while a student at the University of Bristol. Now a BRACE Ambassador.

"Improved awareness and care is important for the wellbeing of people with dementia. But research is essential if they're to survive and recover from this disease, which is why I fundraise for BRACE. RIP Dad - Love you x"

Jo Earlam
Devon-based journalist and blogger who ran 50 marathons for BRACE

"Defeating dementia is a cause that is very close to my heart. It causes profound suffering and I support BRACE because it is working to achieve a world free from these diseases. Please considering supporting this important cause."

Jamie Anderson
YJamie Anderson, son of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson, who died with dementia

"My dad Alec had Alzheimer's at a time when little was understood about the disease. And I'm so proud of my niece, Laura Palmer - she trained in neuroscience and is now working at the South West Dementia Brain Bank – where world class scientists are trying to understand the causes - which they believe is the key to a cure. Please support BRACE to help defeat these devastating diseases."

John Challis
Actor, best known for playing Boycie in Only Fools and Horses and now starring as Captain Peacock in the new BBC comedy, 'Are You Being Served'.

"I have been delighted to help BRACE by chairing its conferences, bringing people together in an innovative way to combat dementia. This work is vital as the challenge of dementia grows."

Sir Martyn Lewis
Sir Martyn Lewis CBE, former BBC and ITN news presenter, now a BRACE Ambassador

"The research which BRACE funds is essential in the battle to understand dementia. It has helped make the South West a centre of dementia research and I am delighted to able to help in the role of Ambassador."

Jonathan Dimbleby
One of the UK's most respected broadcasters and current chairman of Radio 4's "Any Questions?". Jonathan became a BRACE Ambassador in 2013.

"Dementia research is woefully underfunded in the UK. I support BRACE because it also works to deepen public understanding of these diseases and funds vital research bringing us all hope of a breakthrough. Please support this important cause."

Stephanie Cole
Actress famous for television and stage roles

"This is a cause close to my heart, because dementia has affected my own family. BRACE supports top class research and I urge you to support the charity."

Julia Hwang
Acclaimed violinist and recording artist

"I think of BRACE as a Heineken charity. It refreshes the parts other charities don’t reach."

Professor Seth Love
Professor of Neuropathology, University of Bristol