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A huge thank  you to Nicci Gerrard for kindly recording our radio appeal. Nicci is the author of ‘What Dementia Teaches Us about Love’, a powerful, beautifully written book about Nicci’s experience of losing her dad to dementia. 

Click here to hear Nicci's recording

Nicci says, “I’m proud and honoured to support BRACE with this appeal. There are many forms of dementia but more than half the people affected have the neuro-degenerative disease Alzheimer’s. If it’s not you or me, it could be someone we love.”

Click here to hear Nicci's appeal.

Globally there are 47 million people living with dementia and the cost of treating it is more than the cost of cancer, stroke and heart disease combined.

BRACE funds innovative world class research into dementia in seven universities, across Bristol, South West England and South Wales. 

There is no cure for dementia and currently no treatments that halt disease.  With almost one million people living with dementia in the UK, the need to defeat dementia through science is more important than ever.

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