We did it! Thanks to your gift, we raised £10,000 to Turn the Tide on dementia!

Excitingly, George has now begun the next phase of Fastball – testing it on patients in the Bristol Brain Centre. It remains to be seen if, and how, the test can be rolled out in the NHS, but this is a huge step forward, and one only made possible by people like you who helped BRACE fund George’s earlier research.

“We are hugely grateful to BRACE and their supporters for this fantastic response to the Fastball fundraising appeal. With your support we are now able to develop new tests for detecting different forms of dementia.” - Dr George Stothart

PhD student Oliver Hermann and researcher George Stothart standing next to a BRACE banner.

As research into Fastball continues, we are hopeful that it will one day allow people to get a dementia diagnosis as soon, and as easily, as possible, so they can access the treatment and support they urgently need. Thank you so much.

The £10,000 you helped raise could fund:

  • More than 6 months of work by Oliver in developing Fastball for other types of dementia
  • Months of work by the BRACE-funded research Nurse, who makes research with patients possible in the Brain Centre
  • The next breakthrough pilot study that helps turn the tide on dementia.

We know that times are hard, so thank you so much for your support for our small but mighty charity.

Together we will defeat dementia.