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BRACE is a research charity dedicated solely to funding research into different forms of dementia. We seek to raise public awareness of dementia and encourage collaboration between disciplines and experiences to deepen our understanding. 

We support medical and scientific research in three main areas:  

  • Understanding the brain to identify underlying causes of different dementias.
  • Developing accurate and effective means of diagnosing for dementias as early as possible. 
  • Finding new prevention and treatment for different dementias, and ultimately a cure. 

Eligibility and Requirements  

BRACE will consider applications for PhD Studentships, pilot projects and equipment grants. 

PhD studentships grant will cover the cost of tuition fees. MRC recommended a stipend and a fixed sum for consumables and other overheads. This is typically around £90,000 - £110,000. 

Pilot projects normally last 12-18 months and cost no more than £70,000 but applicants with pilot proposals that exceed these guidelines are welcome to contact us for advice. 

Equipment grants typically do not exceed more than £20,000, unless agreed. 

BRACE is committed to funding high-quality research projects that ultimately contribute to the knowledge of Alzheimer's and other dementias. The project may be in any discipline but must have as the basis of the project the intention of generating results that will bring further understanding of the risk factors/causes, effective diagnosis or treatment of dementia. All researchers must have the intention to publish the results of their studies. 

Applications will only be considered from researchers based in one of our supported academic/research institutions within the South West of England or South Wales.  

Our supported institutions: 

  • University of Bath
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Cardiff
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Plymouth
  • University of Swansea
  • University of The West of England (UWE)

BRACE welcome collaboration but the application must come from and be administrated through one of our supported institutions.

A letter from the institution confirming the availability of facilitates for the proposed research project and verification of financial elements are required for consideration. 

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, BRACE supports the endeavours of the AMRC to achieve and maintain ethical and transparent practices in medical research, including itsstatementon animal testing, including a commitment to the 3Rs of reduction, replacement and refinement as basic principles of humane animal research  

Any project requiring ethical approval will only be awarded once such approval has been granted. 

General Guidelines for Applicants

Please read the general guideline document before applying.

BRACE General Guidelines

Applications are subject to peer review and our application deadline allows three months before a meeting for this process. However, we are dependent on the availability and goodwill of selected reviewers and cannot give a guaranteed time for completion.

Decisions will be taken by the Trustees at their quarterly meetings, as shown in the table below.

Application Deadlines for 2024 Grant Applications


 Types of Application   Submit Deadline 
March 2024   Core Funding   31 January  2024 
June 2024   PhD Studentships/Pilot Grants   17 February   2024 
December 2024   PhD Studentships/Pilot Grants   15 September  2024 

Application Forms

Reviewer Guidelines

Contact Us

Applicants are asked to contact the Science & Research Manager before submitting a full application, to check the eligibility of their research.

If you need any further information please contact [email protected]

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