Remember a loved one

A Tribute for a Loved One

Tribute pages are a lovely way to let the memory of your loved one live on.

A tribute page is a special space tailored by you. It is a space to remember your loved one by sharing fond memories, stories, photographs and videos.

Book of Remembrance

The BRACE Book of Remembrance is dedicated to the memory of those who have sadly died with Alzheimer’s disease and associated illnesses and whose names are recorded therein.

Names are inscribed by a skilled calligrapher who lends their skills in a voluntary capacity, enabling us to make no charge for entries in the book.

The Book of Remembrance will be on view at the annual BRACE Carol Service.

Create a Funeral Notice and Celebrate a Loved One

We understand how hard this time can be and we would like to help make the task of inviting family and friends to the funeral a little easier, leaving you time to focus elsewhere.

The funeral notice can be shared via text or email and also allows for donations to be made and received. By having the funeral notice and collection in one place it helps to keep things as simple as possible.

Find and Visit a Loved Ones' Tribute Page

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