Let's Talk Dementia 2024 Programme

The event is taking place at the Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX. On Saturday 18th May you can arrive at any time between 10.30am - 4.30pm and stay for as long as you would like.

All event spaces are open 10.30am - 4.30pm

Come early to see Seb Choudhury, from ITV West Country news, open the event at 10.30am.

Exhibitor Room - also called Waterside 3

A chance to speak to experts about health, care, research and the practicalities of dementia. Learn more about the services available from charities and the NHS. A chance to have your questions answered in a friendly setting.  

Host Charities Room – also called Waterside 2

Alive Activities, Bristol Dementia Action Alliance and BRACE Dementia Research, the event charity hosts, will be sharing more about their important work in and around Bristol and the West Country. 

There will be free tea and coffee available in this room, donations welcome.  

The activity room also called Waterside 1

The activity room is a creative space for people living with dementia.

Alive Activities, one of the host charities, will be running the following: 

10.30am - 11am Guided reminiscence session  

11.30am – 12pm Arts and crafts session  

12.15pm – 1pm Guided reminiscence session  

1pm – 1.45pm Arts and crafts session   

2.20pm – 3pm Dr Karin Petrini from the University of Bath. 

Music and dementia workshop. 

Karin is also giving a talk on ‘Playing the piano together to fight dementia’, at 12pm in cinema 3. 

3.30pm - 4.30pm Creative Dementia Action Network 

Creative Dementia Action Network (CDAN) are hosting an intergenerational arts and memory session. 

Waterside Hallway

Chairs and tables to sit and relax with a tea or coffee from the Host Charities Room.

Talks in Cinema 3

The Cinema space is away from the main spaces – it will be signposted with hosts to show you the way if unsure.

Please arrive 5 - 15 minutes before the talks start. There are steps to take you into the cinema room, if you have access needs, please use the lift and ask the usher on the door for help if needed.

11am: Oliver Hermann - Fastball – A new Hope for Dementia Diagnosis

Oliver is a BRACE funded 2nd year PhD Researcher, working within the Fastball Lab at University of Bath.

The talk will discuss a new, exciting, dementia test called Fastball which was developed by the University of Bath. The test uses a simple head piece that is placed on top of the head, a bit like a small cap. It is painless and non-invasive. This cap measures patients’ brain waves while they watch flashing images on a screen. The researchers have found that brain responses to flashing images change as a person develops dementia. Currently, Fastball is being tested on patients at Southmead hospital and, if this further research has positive results, then the test will hopefully be adopted by the NHS. Fastball could be a breakthrough in early dementia diagnosis.

12pm: Dr Karin Petrini – Playing the Piano Together to Fight Dementia

Karin is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology at
the University of Bath and an Honorary Senior Researcher at University College London.

Music has been shown to bring someone with dementia ‘back to life’ because memory for music seems to be preserved for longer.

Listening to music, especially preferred and personal music, can improve mood, reduce anxiety and bring back lovely memories from the past in people with dementia.

However, playing their favourite songs on a musical instrument, such as the piano, could be key to benefiting even more from music, by keeping moving, using all the senses together (e.g., sight, sound, and touch) and having fun with their loved ones.

1pm: Dr Matthew Wright – Dentistry and Dementia: Exploring the Link Between Oral and Brain Health

Matthew is a researcher at the University of Bristol, where he undertakes clinical dental research in gum disease. He is one of the dentists on the ‘MySmile’ study, which is investigating whether treating gum disease can slow down memory loss. His talk will, in easy-to-understand terms, explain the research and you can learn more about becoming a volunteer in this important Bristol study! Alongside his research, Matthew also works as a general dentist.


2pm: Voices of Dementia

Short interviews with people living with dementia and those caring for them, to give insight into the reality of dementia – from the joyful to the challenging.

3pm: Isobel Jones - Purpose, Activity and Dementia

The talk will cover the importance of person centred and tailored activity for people who are living with dementia.

Isobel is the CEO for Alive and has been working with the organisation for over 10 years.
She has over 30 years of experience with Dementia, both personal and professional, and has been instrumental in shaping Alive to deliver creative and innovative person centred activity in care settings and in the community. She is Co-Director of the Bristol Health Partners Dementia Health Integration Team and is playing an integral part in reshaping the model of Dementia Care across BNSSG. She is a regular speaker locally and nationally on dementia.

4pm: Tony Hall - Young Onset Dementia

A conversation starter by Tony Hall, Chair of Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA)

Tony’s wife Barbara had young onset Frontotemporal Dementia, which they lived with for twenty-two years. Their journey is described in a book Tony wrote called “A Bucketful of Patience” available from Bristol Books CIC or the BDAA stall.

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