Charitable Trusts & Foundations

The John James Bristol Foundation was instrumental in establishing the South West Dementia Brain Bank with a significant grant (£250,000) in 1996 which helped establish the original laboratories in Frenchay Hospital. Following that hospital's closure, the South West Dementia Brain Bank was rehoused in the Learning & Research building at Southmead Hospital. This grant was ground breaking in dementia research at that time. Almost all major advances in the understanding and treatment of dementia have been based on research of human brain tissue.

The South West Dementia Brain Bank, now the largest dementia Brain Bank in the UK and its associated laboratories are a vital resource for dementia researchers across the UK and internationally – where post mortem diagnosis takes place providing an essential source of tissue for vital research into the causes of dementia - to develop better treatments, achieve earlier diagnosis and to seek a cure.

The Brain Bank is a centre of research excellence in key areas, particularly in the understanding of abnormalities in blood flow to the brain - research in this area has contributed to the scientific basis of promising new clinical trials.

Recently, the John James Bristol Foundation supported the Brain Bank with another significant grant to enable the purchase of a fleet of five replacement -86 degree freezers. BRACE is extremely grateful to the Trustees of the John James Bristol Foundation for their continued & generous support.

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The James Tudor Foundation has generously supported BRACE since 2008.

Thanks to the Foundation’s continuing sponsorship of our conference, it has quickly become one of the most important annual dementia events in the South West, bringing together the many stakeholders involved in dementia research and care. Feedback from participants shows how important it is to their work.

This is invaluable support for BRACE, enabling the charity to organise a professional conference for over 200 delegates while protecting vital funds for research. The aim of the conference is to deepen public understanding of dementia and to bring together a wide range of organisations and individuals involved in dementia research, and in care and support, and to give a voice to those who live with dementia.

BRACE is most grateful to the Trustees of the James Tudor Foundation for their support of our conference and, through it, the work of so many others.