Set up a Tribute Page

This Father's Day you may be missing the father figures in your life, a tribute page to them is a unique, free and personalised way to remember them.

Beth Britton and her Dad

"Year by year dementia locked away parts of dad's brain that no one had the key to

...I would have him back in a heartbeat."

Beth Britton, BRACE Ambassador and Dementia Campaigner

Together we will honour those we love.

Together we will remember the wonderful things about them and their lives.

Online tribute pages can serve several purposes. They can replace traditional funeral collections and be used to share a funeral notice. But they can also be a private space to commemorate the life of a loved one by gathering and sharing images, stories, favourite music and memories of someone they miss. They also work as a fundraising tool, allowing for the collection of donations in-memory of a loved one – once, on an anniversary, or on an on-going basis. You can keep your tribute page for as long as you like and access it as many times as you please.

For the full list of features available on a tribute page click here.

You do not need to complete or make use of every function the pages offer, only those that are of benefit to you and your goal.

How to create a Tribute Page:

  1. Use an email address to sign up. We’ll also ask for your name and who the tribute is for.
  2. Choose if your tribute page will be public or private, and if you will allow donations or turn them off.
  3. Upload a page photo - of your loved one or any image that you feel appropriate, then you can ‘create’ your page. Now your page exists, go to ‘settings’ and ‘customize’ to add to, or change the look and feel of it.
  4. When happy with your page, you may like to invite others to view and contribute to it, through the ‘invite’ button in the bottom right, or by copying and pasting the web address of the page.

Watch a short video to learn how to set up a tribute page:

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