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Together 4 Dementia 2022

November 2022 saw the return of the 'in person' conference. The conference was also available to watch online, with viewers as far away as Doha in Qatar!

An amazing range of dementia speakers, from campaigners living with dementia to researchers, took to the stage to share their insight; and words of wisdom.

Below you can watch and listen to their talks.

Dr George Stothart - Fastball - A new dementia diagnosis hope

Dr George Stothart, from Bath University, talks about his groundbreaking test Fastball and how it offers hope for finding new dementia treatments.


Gerald King and Willy Gilder - Living Well With Dementia and the importance of peer support

Dementia campaigners Gerald and Willy share their experiences of early onset dementia and their work setting up their peer support group.


Dr Emma Richards and Chloe Tulip - BRACE Funded Vascular Dementia Research: Two Research Stories

Researchers from Swansea University, Dr Emma Richards, and PhD student Chloe Tulip discuss their fascinating BRACE funded research.

They share the role of research and how it can support people living with dementia in ‘real life,’ and the role of sleep and brain health.


Dr Wendy Mitchell - The Reality of Living with Dementia

Well known dementia campaigner and author, Wendy Mitchell, shared her insight into the life with dementia.

Learn why dementia is than memory loss and how she has learnt to overcome challenges.


Weisong Yang - Detecting and monitoring behavioural patterns, in individuals with cognitive disorders, in home environments

Weisong Yang from the University of Bristol shares his important work into behaviour changes and dementia.

Learn how the CUBOId project tracks activities such as sleep, walking and talking in the home. And how measuring behavioural changes over time may show signs of mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s disease.


Jes Phillips - Stepping up support for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people living with dementia

Jes Phillips, from the Race Equality Foundation, explores the main inequalities experienced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic people living with dementia.

Learn ways to provide better care for these groups of people, examples of best practice and resources in this talk.

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