Together 4 Dementia 2020

The first ever online Together 4 Dementia conference took place in 2020. BRACE welcomed guests from all around the UK and the world to learn more about 'what dementia looks like.'

From research, to care, to people living with dementia, we delved deeper into dementia.

What dementia looks like if it's an elephant

Pat is a Professor of Translational Dementia Research and was recently appointed as the Bristol Medical School Research Director. He co-directs the Dementia Research Group and the South West Dementia Brain Bank at Southmead Hospital. Pat has researched dementia for over 25 years and worked in a number of areas that stretch from the lab-bench through to studies in human populations.

What dementia looks like to a robot

Praminda Caleb-Solly is Professor of Assistive Robotics and Intelligent Health Technologies at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, University of the West of England.

What good care looks like

Alison is Head of Inspection in London and takes the lead for dementia care within the CQC Adult Social Care Directorate. In this talk she discusses what good care looks like and how care homes have adjusted to COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Nula Suchet's interview with Ali Vowles

Nula Suchet is author of 'The Longest Farewell; James, Dementia and Me,' she was interviewed by Together 4 Dementia's host, Ali Vowles.

Her biographical story, documents how she lost the man she loved; and the heartbreak of living with his slow decline for more than a decade to Pick’s disease, a type of dementia.​ ​

Mixed in with all of the suffering and loss, a twist of fate led Nula to find a new love. It is a story to inspire any other person who finds themselves trapped in the quagmire of dementia. ​

What dementia looks like to a neurologist

Dr Hilary Archer is a Dementia Neurologist at North Bristol NHS Trust.  She trained in Oxford and London, and was awarded a PhD from UCL for her work on mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer's disease. Dr Archer is Co-Director of the Dementia Health Integration Team.

Norman McNamara founder of Purple Angel and co-founder of Purple Cities Alliance USA, Kathy Broggy

Together 4 Dementia host, Ali Vowles interviews Norrms and Kathy to learn more about their important work creating dementia friendly cities and countries all around the world!

Norman (Norrms) McNamara is originally from Bolton but now lives in Torbay. At the age of just 50, he was diagnosed with dementia, later defined as Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

In January 2012, he founded the Purple Angel dementia campaign; less than nine years later, it is recognised in over 70 countries and has 1,100 ambassadors worldwide.

In 2014, Kathy co-founded Purple Cities Alliance, a grassroots organization whose mission was to establish Knoxville as the first Dementia Friendly City in the United States.

Since then, there have been several other cities across the U.S. who have used the Purple Cities model to create Dementia inclusive communities.

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