Together 4 Dementia 2019

The 2019 conference took a fresh look at dementia. From the power of sleep to protect and maintain brain health, to love and dementia; and recognising the less well known symptoms and behaviour that arise from vascular dementia.

Below you will find short extract of these talks.

What does dementia look like?

This short clips shows some of the symptoms and behaviour, of someone living with vascular dementia. this piece was acted out by Brand Biology.

What Dementia Teaches Us About Love. Ali Vowles interviews Nicci Gerrard.

Dementia campaigner and author, Nicci Gerrard, talks with BBC West News reader Ali Vowles about the relationships we have with ourselves and loved ones who are affected by dementia.

How does poor sleep relate to Alzheimer's Disease?

Dr Coulthard's ground breaking BRACE funded research into sleep and Alzheimer's is pathing the way for preventative measures against dementia and, we hope a cure for the disease.

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