Dementia ruins lives and affects more and more people around the world every minute. Recently, the world's largest ever Alzheimer's market research study from Norvartis, discovered 91% of people believed the solution to tackling diseases lies in medical research and 75% have no idea how to get involved. We would love you to get involved and it's actually very very easy.

It's time we armed the medical profession with the means to diagnose dementia earlier and stop it in its tracks. Only scientific research can achieve this, and it needs more resources and donations urgently. 

Please watch our short video and support us in any way you can.

Spread the word and share our quest - use #TimesUpDementia when you tell others about us 

This video was donated to BRACE by Gideon Luke, a marketing consultant at The-Marketing-Department Bristol, who lost his father to dementia early in 2018.