The 1987 Foundation

An invitation for BRACE supporters

In 2018, BRACE launched an initiative called the 1987 Foundation. This was created as a membership organisation to thank all supporters who pledge a future Gift in their Will to BRACE and to supporters who have made a significant contribution to the charity.

Real progress in the fight against dementia has been made since 1987, with BRACE playing an important part in improved understanding of the causes of dementia and the ability to treat people living with dementia.

Without our supporters research would not be possible.

For this reason, we are extending the 1987 Foundation to committed supporters who may not have the means or, be ready to pledge a donation.

Gift in Wills and Significant Contributors will continue to be invited to an annual in person event during Dementia Action Week, which takes place in the middle of May. Committed Supporters will be invited to an online event once a year, with the BRACE team and researchers.

Learn more about pledging a Gift in your Will, the benefits of joining the 1987 Foundation, and how to join as a Committed Supporter.

Gifts in Will

We understand that legacy gifts are a very personal matter, and we take great care to ensure that our members’ wishes are understood. By joining ‘The 1987 Foundation’ you will have the opportunity to talk to members of staff about our legacy programme and ask questions about your legacy.

Should you decide to join the 1987 Foundation, the size and nature of your pledge will remain completely confidential to you, and you can also remain anonymous if you so choose.

The Benefits:

You will receive an invite to an in person annual event in May, where you will have the chance to meet the BRACE team and researchers. 2023’s event took place at Bristol Botanical Gardens, with a tour of the wonderful grounds and a cream tea.

Opportunities to meet our world class BRACE funded dementia research scientists, BRACE Chair of Trustees and Director.

Regular updates from BRACE and the chance to speak with the Director.

With your permission, members of ‘The 1987 Foundation’ will also be thanked on our website. Please be assured it is also possible to pledge a future gift but choose to remain anonymous.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of joining or discuss how a Gift in Will pledge will support dementia research, please contact Chris Williams in the BRACE office on 0117 414 4831 or email [email protected]

Committed Supporters

We recognise that Committed Supporters offer so much for the charity and for dementia research by:

Every word spoken and every action by each supporter takes us closer to defeating dementia. For that reason, we are opening the 1987 Foundation to include supporters who do so much for dementia research.

Benefits as a Committed Supporter:

Committed supporters will be invited to an annual online event where they will get the chance to meet the team and researchers. An opportunity to learn more about the important work BRACE is undertaking and to ask questions.

A chance to meet other supporters who share your values.

Quarterly email updates, where you will learn the most up-to-date research news.

If you would like to join the 1987 Foundation as a Committed Supporter please fill in a quick online form.

If you have any questions, or would like to offer your support to dementia research as a Committed Supporter please email [email protected]

Heartfelt thanks to all who support BRACE and the fight against dementia.

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