Stephanie Beacham in Grey Matter

We have some exciting news to share with you. The much loved and famous actress, Stephanie Beacham is supporting BRACE and dementia research, with the forthcoming film, Grey Matter, which she is starring in. We are thrilled with this new partnership with W4 Films and Stephanie.

Stephanie Beacham

In the film Stephanie plays the role of Peg who is living with Alzheimer’s. It shows the challenges and triumphs of living with the disease, and a changing relationship between a granny and her teenage granddaughter. Stephanie has a strong connection to the subject matter as her late father died of Alzheimer’s disease.

Grey Matter is set to premiere on Sunday 10th December, at London Film Week.

Stephanie will be discussing the film and BRACE on Saturday 9th December, 10am -12pm on GB News on Peter Andre's show.

Please tune in, if you can.

The trailer to the film can be watched below. In 2024 the film will be available to watch at various venues.

These last 12 months are probably the most promising there’s ever been for Alzheimer’s treatments. If you can, please donate and help make more research possible.

Thank you for your support.