My Support and the £1 Million Pound Donation

BRACE Dementia Research has received a landmark £1 million donation to support much needed dementia research across Bristol and the South West.

As a valid supporter you may have questions about what this mean for you, your support for BRACE, and your contribution in the fight against dementia.

Does BRACE need any more funding? 

Yes, ongoing funding is essential for ensuring we can continue supporting dementia research and expanding our impact. While the £1 million donation is a great boost, there is plenty more still to achieve within dementia research.  

In 2023 BRACE received almost £3 million pounds of research requests for funding of which the charity could only fund £700,000.

This £1 million pound donation is for a few specific projects, yet we still desperately need funding to support other dementia research projects taking place across the South West and South Wales. We rely on the generosity of donors to continue supporting new research projects that can lead to breakthroughs in understanding and treating dementia.  

Will my regular gift still make a difference? 

Absolutely, your regular gift is incredibly valuable to us. Consistent support from donors provides a stable foundation for our work, enabling us to plan for the future and respond quickly to new research opportunities. Every contribution, regardless of size, plays a crucial role in our mission to defeat dementia. 

Does my fundraising really matter now BRACE has £1M? 

Yes, your fundraising efforts are still incredibly important. The £1 million donation is a significant milestone, but there is still a lot more to be done within dementia research. Continued fundraising ensures we can support even more researchers, explore more promising lines of enquiry, and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Every pound raised brings us closer to our goal to defeat dementia.  

Where can I see BRACE’s annual accounts? 

BRACE's annual accounts can be found on the Charity Commission BRACE page.

Other questions

If you would like to find out more about the £1 million donation, how it will be used, where it came from please go to the FAQs £1 Million Pound Donation page.

If you have further questions about how your support for BRACE will be affected by the donation, please email [email protected]. A member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.