Gift Aid It. A cartoon drawing of a red heart with £100 next to it a red square with 25% on it, which then equals a red heart of £125.

Gift Aid Awareness Day falls on Thursday 6th October 2022. Every year the scheme gives £1.3 billion to UK charities. BRACE receives thousands of extra pounds for dementia research thanks to Gift Aid. 

During the cost-of-living crisis with everything becoming more and more expensive, filling in a Gift Aid form is a cost-free way to support dementia research.

Filling in a Gift Aid form, either online, or by post, will allow the charity to claim 25% on eligible donations you may have made in the last four years. This means for every £10 you have donated; BRACE can receive £12.50 – at no cost to you.

  • Have you previously filled in a Gift Aid form? Have you moved house, retired or other change of circumstance?
  • Please update your details to ensure BRACE can still claim Gift Aid on your donations.

A quick, easy and cost free way to support dementia research this autumn! Thank you for your help and support.