Dementia Friendly Garden

On Monday 15th May, the first day of Dementia Action Week 2023, BRACE and Alive collaborated to host a Cuppa for a Cure event at the Alive Allotments dementia-friendly garden. Those who attended enjoyed tea, coffee, and cakes while they conversed between each other and chilled out in the sunshine. A variety of plants were on sale with all proceeds going towards BRACE.

The event served as a meaningful platform for individuals to come together, share stories, and show their support for those affected by dementia. Together, we raised more than £100 towards vital dementia research.

Event Gallery:

A woman and a man have a conversation while she makes mugs of tea and coffee.
A sign that says 'plant sale' with a variety of potted plants.
A group of people sat around a table create art and converse between each other.
Two women are sat on a bench drinking tea and holding plates with cake on.
People are sat around a table at the Alive Allotments Dementia Friendly Garden.
A group of people sitting and standing converse at the Alive Allotments.
A woman makes mugs of tea and coffee for attendees at the Alive Allotments.

To learn how you could host your own Cuppa for a Cure in support of BRACE, visit this page.

Alternatively, you can contact BRACE at [email protected] or 0117 414 4831.


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