Brace - Funding Research into Dementia

20 Feb 2015

We are very grateful to the staff of CTI Hotels in Bristol, who have just presented us with £766...

17 Feb 2015

Our warmest congratulations to Dr Laura Palmer, Manager of the South West Dementia Brain Bank....

22 Mar 2015

A three course lunch in excellent surroundings and a high profile speaker amongst friends.  ...

18 Apr 2015

A sale for two charities - BRACE and The Lupus Society - organised by a team of volunteers...

Please Help us Beat Alzheimer’s
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Alzheimer’s disease steals your memories. Which memory do you treasure most? Tell us your favourite memory.

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About Brace

Established in 1987, BRACE is a registered charity dedicated to supporting dementia research. BRACE has raised more than £13 million in funding for Alzheimer’s research, and is the catalyst for generating a greater understanding of the disease through the advancement of research.

Fundraising for Dementia Sufferers

Sponsored activities and fundraising events are both effective ways of raising funds for the charity and boosting awareness of dementia. BRACE holds many events on a regular basis, including concerts, balls, sponsored runs, fairs, and luncheons. All donations help considerably in the ongoing challenge of developing new ways of helping people affected by Alzheimer’s, and BRACE welcomes any volunteers who would like to support this crucial charity in any way they can.

Support Alzheimer’s Research

There are many ways you can help support Alzheimer’s research from simply making a one-off donation online to becoming a corporate sponsor of BRACE. Money raised will help to find ways to treat, cure, and prevent this disease.

Contact Us

The BRACE Appeal Office
Frenchay Hospital
BS16 1LE

Tel: 0117 340 4831
Fax: 0117 340 4831