Research into dementia is carried out all over the world but we are lucky in South West England and South Wales to have a large group of scientists, clinicians and psychologists working on different aspects of dementia research.

BRACE focuses on supporting scientists in these areas, and currently funds projects at:

BRACE has no particular strategic approach to the type and scope of projects it will consider for funding except that they should be of the highest scientific quality and address an area of research that would ultimately lead to improvements in diagnosis, treatment or quality of life for sufferers of dementing conditions.

Research funded by BRACE looks at a range of research initiatives and essential facilities including:

Please click on either the name of the institution or research area to explore the research currently or recently funded by BRACE.

For more information about the types of dementia mentioned in these research pages, please visit our FAQ section or Types of dementia.

Applications are invited from researchers in the region on a regular basis, as funds allow. Each research project is assessed for suitability by the Trustees Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) chaired by Professor Stephen Lisney. Each project is then sent out for peer review to experts in the field of research of the project. The SAC then makes its recommendations for funding to the Trustees who approve funding.

Research funded by BRACE is able to make important contributions to our knowledge of dementia - for example, it helped to provide the foundations for a ground-breaking clinical trial known as RADAR.