In Memory

Evelyn Jean Abbott

17 Sep 1924 - 22 Apr 2020

"Smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you weep alone". My mother will be remembered as a lively, elegant lady with a warm welcoming smile. She was totally selfless and only wanted what was best for other people; always giving. Eve carried a donor card all her life with the words "anything of any use to anyone" written on it. When Alzheimer's struck she would say " ...why me? I always had a good memory". That was an understatement! She decided that her brain was probably the most useful thing left and donated it to the South West Brain Bank. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 lockdown at the time of her death, retrieval was not possible, so we have decided that Brace should be the beneficiary of any donations people wished to give in Evelyn's memory. One day Mum, we will know, why you, but in the meantime thank you for everything, thank you for being you.

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