Meg Norman-

Having just canoed around 200km along the Zambezi River in Zambia, I am now about to Cycle through Madagascar, covering about 550km.
Throughout this next year I plan to do a range of other activities- from skiing to skydiving whilst in Canada and America, with further suggestions/challenges welcome!
If I could raise some money for my chosen charity, Brace, along the way then that would be fantastic!

Brace is a local charity based at Southmead hospital, Bristol and it funds research into Alzheimer's and dementia, helping those suffering from the disease now but also those who may developed it in the future.

The reason I have chosen this charity is because a family member suffered from Alzheimer's so it is close to heart. Many people are suffering from the disease, with even more people likely to be diagnosed.
I have witnessed the research that Brace funds, having spent some time in the labs, so I know the money raised is making a difference!

I will keep you all updated with what I have planned next!

If you would like to show your support, please donate what you can to help- all donations are greatly appreciated!

Meg Norman-