Wednesday 15th May - Tuesday 21st May is Dementia Awareness Week

During Dementia Awareness Week BRACE will be launching 3D thinking.

3D thinking encompasses the concept that dementia is not just a diagnosis or a group of people living with the condition, it is about the person, the environment and seeing the bigger picture.

Those living with dementia are all individuals, with families, loved ones and should be treated as a whole person, not just a flat 2D diagnosis of dementia. 

As part of 3D thinking BRACE is holding a 'Design for Dementia' event, bringing together people engaged in innovation, research and design that could benefit millions affected by dementia.

Keep your eyes peeled on BRACE's social media pages for more #3Dthinking news...

BRACE is involved with 3 free events for Dementia Awareness Week and you are invited to join us!


   Design for Dementia      


    DNA & Alzheimer's Research free Info Session

                                         Older Persons' Wellbeing & Information Day

There are several ways you can support BRACE during Dementia Awareness Week: