BRACE is 30 years old this year. This milestone is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made by the scientists and clinicians whose work we have funded over the years.

There is much to be hopeful about. We are closer to understanding the causes of dementia. New treatments that offer genuine clinical benefit are emerging. If momentum is maintained it is thought that, within just a few years, scientists will be able to transform radically the outlook for those living with dementia.

The achievements we mark this year were only made possible by your support. Thank you to all who have kindly donated, volunteered for us or raised funds to help achieve our vision of a world free from dementia.

In this important year, we are redoubling efforts to fund further world class research to build on the knowledge achieved so far. A variety of activities are planned and this page will be a link to them as they unfold.

Supporters are making short 30 second videos articulating why defeating dementia really matters to them. View the videos here. If you wish to add your voice please record and send by email.

Anniversary ribbons – 30 Years Closer to Defeating Dementia - are in shops and on reception desks in and around Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. If you see them, please buy one and wear it to show your support. You can also purchase them on our website here.

Finally, please see our events page for all upcoming events, including those with an anniversary theme.  Thank you again for being part of the BRACE story.