We said ‘thank you’ to Susan Marshfield earlier this month, when she stepped down as the charity’s Honorary President. 

It’s not ‘goodbye’, however, because Susan will be continuing with some of her many voluntary activities for BRACE, including public speaking.

The occasion was the BRACE Annual Celebration, where we thank volunteers and celebrate both their fundraising achievements and the work of the researchers we fund.

Chair of Trustees, Professor Stephen Lisney, thanked Susan and presented her with a small gift as a token of the charity’s appreciation.

Stephen said, “If we were to post an advert, headed ‘Volunteer support needed’ and listed speaker, lunch organiser, helper at autumn fair, trustee for 8 years, mailing organiser and collection tin gatherer, you would think we were looking for half a dozen people. This, in fact, is what Susan has been doing for BRACE for many years, and it’s not all that she does for us. She has been a super-volunteer for us and it is fitting that the Trustees made her our first honorary president in recognition of this when she retired from the Board in 2012.”

Susan was awarded an MBE a few years ago for her services to charity and community organisations.