Entrepreneurial Year 7 students from Castle School organised and ran a Christmas sale last term, successfully raising over £300 for BRACE.  “Witnessing the awesome creativity, the enthusiasm, the enterprise of our Y7 students delivering their money-raising schemes at the Castle Challenge Alternative Fayre, was a huge buzz. These moments are part of why we teach, when our students rise to the challenge and surpass even their own expectations,”, said Gareth Davies, the teacher in charge of the event.

BRACE Chief Executive, Mark Poarch, came into school on Wednesday 17th January and gave an informative presentation about dementia and how the money raised would be used. He said, “It is wonderful to see that pupils so young can set about helping a charity with such enthusiasm and enjoyment, and raise a healthy sum as well. I would like to thank everyone concerned for helping us fund medical research in the struggle to defeat dementia.”

Castle School feels that being connected to Brace through their business engagement scheme, Premium Partners, is important as dementia is such an unfolding and important issue. “It is invaluable for our students to learn more about it as many will have families affected. Being able to support the charity and help to fund research, as well as have up to date information help to open their eyes to these social concerns,” said Sarah MacIsaac, coordinator of Premium Partners.