Thank you to all of our supporters who kindly donated to our online dementia nurse appeal in 2018. We are excited to announce that the new nurse has now started her three day a week post. BRACE's supporters raised a whopping £15,330 in 2018 to make this possible, as these positions are not funded by the NHS. 

The newly appointed Dementia Clinic Research Nurse - Beccy Pracownik, will be based at The Bristol Brain Centre and see patients at the time or shortly after a dementia diagnosis, to discuss questions and options for managing life with dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment. Additionally, Beccy will take care of the routine follow ups to check on medications. 

Consultant Neurologists at the Bristol Brain Centre, Dr Liz Coulthard is delighted to welcome Beccy to the team:

Beccy has previously worked as a Service Coordinator at the Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service, we are incredibly lucky to have her as she brings expertise in patient care and community links to the Cognitive Disorders clinic.

This role will be key to the clinic’s intention to set up a nurse led telephone service for patients and to join together hospital clinic and community care for dementia - which is something patients have always asked for.

In addition, Dr Coulthard intends to provide an option for day case investigations to be carried out by the nursing team. This will reduce patient waiting times, speed up assessments and will help to reduce staff resources currently used in this area.

This will all work hand in hand with research projects, as nurses will also be actively involved in all research projects at the ReMeMBr group many of which BRACE part-funds and in both coordinating and carrying out visits. 

Beccy said:

I’m thrilled to be joining the brilliant dementia research team at the Bristol Brain centre. Before this post, I was Practice Lead for Memory Services with the Dementia Wellbeing Service and I’m passionate about clinical practice delivery. I’m looking forward to supporting newly diagnosed patients and providing the very best care and advice.

Funding for a clinic nurse is essential to ensure vulnerable patients receive the best possible care post diagnosis and that they are given the opportunity to participate in important clinical research. Dementia Research Nurses are not funded by the NHS and so this role requires full charitable support.

This three day a week role is secured until April 2020, in order to allow this important position to continue after this date we have begun fundraising again. If you would like to donate to this life changing cause you can do so below.