Bristol City Council’s (BCC) elected Mayor, Marvin Rees, visited the South West Dementia Brain Bank (SWDBB) on Friday 20th September. Marvin was given a tour by SWDBB manager, Dr Laura Palmer, who gave him a crash course in dementia and explained more about the important research that takes place there.

BRACE has provided core funding to the SWDBB since it was established over 30 years ago and it is regarded as a crucially important platform for both UK and international dementia researchers.

Marvin said:

My nan had dementia and we often questioned whether she did or did not, as we knew very little about the disease and her behaviour changed frequently. The South West Dementia Brain Bank is fascinating, I had no idea that there were so many different types of dementia and that there are many health-related factors that influence developing the disease. If we can do the early work and look after our bodies, then we are helping to stop dementia.

Marvin was keen to learn more about what he could be doing to protect his brain health. He found an article written by BRACE’s Dementia Research Nurse Beccy Pracownik, on 'Reducing your Risk of Dementia,' very informative. You can read the same article 'Top Tips to Reduce your Dementia Risk' here. 

Marvin Rees and Dr Laura Palmer discuss the use of brain models to raise awareness of dementia

Marvin spoke to BRACE about Bristol City Council’s approach to making the city of Bristol a more dementia friendly city. With BCC getting started on making the largest train station in the city – Bristol Temple Meads - accessible to all with dementia.

The council are also looking into how new homes being built in Bristol can be designed to be dementia friendly, to help improve the quality of life for those living with dementia both now and in the future. There are approximately 4000 people currently living in Bristol with dementia. Dementia friendly town planning is fantastic news for the whole of Bristol.

A big thank you to Marvin Rees for taking time out of his busy diary to visit the SWDBB and to talk with BRACE. Thank you, as always, to Dr Laura Palmer for providing a wealth of information on dementia research.

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