Staff at Arup's Bristol office have achieved a new high for fundraising by a business supporting BRACE as charity of the year. Their final total was a few pence above £12,500, beating the previous record by £500.

Office Leader Phil Wood said, "We, at Arup in Bristol, are very proud to have supported BRACE as our office charity for 2015/16 and since selecting this local charity our staff have worked tirelessly to plan lots of great fundraising events throughout the year. We are very happy to know that our money is going to help fund such important research.”

BRACE Chief Executive Mark Poarch said, “It’s brilliant that Arup have set a new high and clearly had so much fun doing it. They have been creative and done things with a sense of enjoyment, but have also kept most of their fundraising plans remarkably simple. A model of how to do fundraising in a business environment.”

“To be topical, they are now our Leicester City, and we’re looking for someone to take their place as top fundraiser this year!”