Thank you everyone who helped make today's BRACE Autumn Fair a great success and good fun.

The girls of Red Maids School ran a brilliant cake stall again and brought their usual enthusiasm and good cheer to the event. QS Burroughs Day, who support us all year round, provided a very successful bottle stall.

CJ Hole's Henleaze office continued their sponsorship of the fair and played a big part in advertising it over the past week or so. An excellent turnout, despite the wet weather, was testimony to their efforts.

The fair is the work over several months of a small army of volunteers, who plan and organise everything and then work hard on the day itself. A huge "thank you" to them all.

It was great to see our old friends at the fair again, and also to welcome new friends as shoppers.

Autumn fair - Red Maids girls and CJ Hole balloons Autumn fair - Mexicans 

Autumn fair - CJ Hole

Autumn fair - QS Burroughs Day 

Autumn fair - kitchen


Autumn fair - Red Maids