NEW EVENT DATE Sunday 11th October

Nailsea Rotary Club are once again organising a walk and run fundraising event, on 7th June to help raise funds for BRACE.

There are three routes of varying length and distance so that all the family can get involved!

  • Nailsea 5K "The Stroll. At 5 kilometres (approx 3 miles) this may appeal to families and is intended to be a fairly easy fun walk - pushchair and wheelchair friendly.
  • The Nailsea 10K.  At 10 kilometres (approx 6 miles) this is intended for people who would prefer a route that is longer and slightly more challenging.
  • The 20K Nailsea Challenge. At 20 kilometres (approx 12 miles) this is for the more experienced who are fit and who would like more of a challenge. 

Participants will be provided with maps, instructions and support along the route if necessary.

A registration fee of £7 GBP per adult person to cover costs, any surplus amount is donated.

You can find out more about the event here


In the event circumstances change closer to the time, walkers will be offered the chance 'to walk' your own route on 11th October. Alternatively walkers can choose to walk the event on a different date,