Join BRACE and RNID on 29th April, at 2pm, to learn about the relationship between hearing loss and dementia, and learn strategies to help loved ones.

As the population of the UK ages, many people are living with hearing loss or dementia – or both.

Research has shown that those with severe hearing loss are five times more likely to develop dementia in later life. But we still don’t know why.

The parallels between dementia and hearing loss are striking. Many of their symptoms are the same. Both conditions can lead to terrible isolation and loneliness. Both can ruin lives. 

Research suggests that the two conditions could be linked as hearing loss may speed up the onset of dementia, while dementia can greatly magnify the impact of hearing loss. 

Captions and a British Sign Language signer will be there for the live event.


Dr Chris Hardy, RNID Pauline Ashley Fellow, UCL Dementia Research Institute

Professor Stephen Lisney, Chair Of Trustees, BRACE Dementia Research

David Moschini, Royal National Institute for the Deaf


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Hearing Loss and Dementia

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