Join BRACE and a range of dementia and language experts on the 21st June to learn more about dementia and communication.

This event will be of interest to professionals working with people with dementia, people living with dementia and people caring for someone with dementia.

Learn how to have better interactions and conversations from the experts. 

Arabella Swift, Speech and Language Therapist from North Bristol NHS Trust will be sharing her knowledge of dementia, communication and language. Arabella has a special interest in Primary Progressive Aphasia (the loss of a person's understanding of language and ability to speak due to a neurodegenerative disease such as dementia).

We will also discuss why dementia brings changes in communication, and provide you with practical guidance on how to have engaging communication that benefits everyone involved.

Additional Speakers:

Dr Joseph Webb of University of Bristol
Dr Emily Oliver Lead Dementia Nurse, Portsmouth Hospital University Trust
Mark Swepson of Sirona Care & Health
Mark Poarch, CEO, BRACE Dementia Research

Tickets cost £5.00 with 50% of all profit going to BRACE. Tickets are FREE for people living with a dementia diagnosis and those claiming carers’ allowance to support someone with dementia.

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Further questions or queries? Please email: [email protected]