A recent study revealed that dementia is still the poor man of Government-backed scientific research.

Despite David Cameron’s Conservative-led Coalition increasing funding, raising dementia’s political profile and promising more for research in future funding the condition still lags far behind the other major healthcare issues of our time.

Experts from the Health Economic Research Centre at Oxford University compared health and social care spending on cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia.

For every £10 in health and social care costs attributable to each disease, cancer received £1.09 in research funding, CHD 65p, stroke 20p and dementia 8p.

The overall sums spent on researching dementia bear little relation to the condition’s costs to health and social services, or their economic and personal impacts.

This week mark’s Dementia Awareness Week and as an Ambassador for BRACE I see for myself the level of funding and investment that is required to undertake serious research.

Charities such as BRACE have a key role to play in the fight against dementia, and the hunt for viable treatments, but they cannot do this alone.

Much has been done in recent years to address the stigma around dementia and its inspiring to see people, who themselves live with the condition, campaign for better research and improved care.

We have some of the brightest minds in this country working in world-class research facilities to understand how this terrible illness works with the goal of developing effective treatments.

They need every chance they can be given to succeed.  Without proper funding it won’t be possible.  With it, we could transform the lives of this generation and the next.