Mark Twain, rumoured to be on his deathbed in 1897, is said to have quipped, ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’.

It’s probably a misquote, but it makes the point well. Twain was nowhere near the end of his life.

We feel a bit ‘Mark Twain’ this week; one of our loyal volunteers, collecting for us in a supermarket was told to stop by a shopper. She insisted to him that BRACE had closed down!


I can only assume that someone had mixed us up with another charity. There are 180,000 to choose from, after all, and there have been some high profile closures in recent years.

BRACE is a small, hardworking charity, but it’s in good health and has just seen two successive years in which it broke its own fundraising record.

The charity is also very clearly needed. It receives far more excellently peer-reviewed dementia research applications than it can currently fund, and is therefore planning to double its fundraising over a five year period to 2022.

In fact, we have increased the size of our small staff team this year to prepare for growth and cope with the extra workload.

So we’re very much alive and kicking.

Feel free to get in touch and see for yourself!