This is our 30th anniversary year. The actual anniversary is 24th September – the date in 1987 when the decision to create BRACE was taken – but we are treating the whole year as the anniversary.

We are celebrating the achievements of the scientists we have supported and therefore the contributions of all those who have made their work possible by supporting the charity.

However, we are not celebrating our longevity. BRACE is a means to an end, and that end is the defeat of dementia through medical science. We would rather the charity and other dementia research organisations rendered themselves obsolete by achieving their ambitious goal.

Instead, we are renewing our commitment to the struggle ahead. We are determined that dementia shall not hang like a threatening cloud over future generations.

The reality is that dementia will take many more years to defeat in all its forms, and we have much more work to do. We have come a long way and are proud of BRACE’s contribution, but there is still a long way to go.

You can expect to see a range of new features and activities from BRACE this year. For a start, we have an anniversary logo, which will be used alongside our regular logo wherever we are marking the occasion.

We shall be publishing online a series of 30 second videos, the first of them in just a few days’ time. In these, BRACE supporters, clinicians and scientists tell us why dementia matters to them. Please circulate them on social media when you spot them. Indeed, if you want to contribute a video of your own, please contact me.

Watch out also for our campaign ribbons. These will start to appear on the counters or reception desks of supporting businesses within the next week. I think they're a bit classy and you will be keen to wear one!

There will be fundraising events specifically linked to the anniversary, of course, and news of these will follow. We shall otherwise plough on with our regular fundraising, which has been growing nicely over the past few months.

So please give us your support again this year. That might mean a personal donation, volunteering, supporting us online, nominating us to be charity of the year at your place of work (or education, worship, sport etc.), or remembering BRACE in your will.

Whatever it is, you will be helping to ensure that future anniversaries are about celebrating new breakthroughs that people like you have made possible.