This is dementia awareness month and we have been trying to do our bit in a light-hearted way with some headbands.

Let’s get the serious bit out of the way first. Of every £10 spent on dementia in the UK, only 8 pence goes on research. We need urgently to increase that proportion. No, not by reducing the amount we spend on care; people living with dementia should receive the best care possible, and those who care for them should be properly supported.

We need instead to increase the research share by bringing new money into dementia. To do that, we have to make more people aware of the shortfall and the reality that charitable giving still has to carry a large part of the load.

And so we came up with the headbands campaign, #useyourhead. It was my colleague Amanda's idea and she has made most of the running since. The cause and the message are serious, but the campaign is proving an opportunity for people to have fun.

All we are asking people to do is don a headband, take a selfie or teamie (oh, the English language) and stick it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Full directions here

This simple request has been enthusiastically embraced by a number of businesses, celebrities and others, with more to follow. With some big firms and sports teams due to do their bit shortly, the campaign should peak over the next fortnight.

Those who have taken part so far seem to be enjoying themselves, as the photos on this page show. Take a bow, JLL, Abacare, Dana from Jordans, Brain Centre staff, Nell McAndrew and our team of volunteer "stuffers" preparing the Newsletter mailing.

I thought I'd better join in as well, but there's no way I'm looking cheerful on camera.