Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be an uncertain and overwhelming time for many

Funding a Dementia Clinic Research Nurse is essential to ensure vulnerable patients receive the best possible care immediately after a dementia diagnosis. The specialist Dementia Nurse offers patients vital support and advice, the chance to ask questions and the opportunity to participate in important clinical dementia research.

Dementia Clinic Research Nurses are not funded by the NHS, this role requires full support from charities such as BRACE. 

BRACE’s supporters generously raised £15k during 2018, to fund a much-needed Dementia Clinic Research Nurse for a year at Bristol Brain Centre, in Southmead Hospital, until spring 2020.

BRACE and the wider community not only wants, but needs, this incredibly important work to continue beyond spring 2020. To ensure that as many patients as possible have access to this service, we need your help, right now!

Will you change the life of a dementia patient today?

A donation of £25 will be a life changing amount for one patient, it will cover the cost of a Dementia Nurse to offer vital support and advice immediately, or very soon after a dementia diagnosis.

A £50 donation will change the lives of two patients and give them access to specialist dementia support, that is not available on the NHS.

There are over 3,000 people living with a dementia diagnosis in Bristol – please help someone receiving a dementia diagnosis today.

Any donation to this cause, both big or small, will be used to improve the lives of those with dementia. Thank you for your generosity and continued support of BRACE.