BRACE has two principal activities – raising money for dementia research and allocating it in the form of grants to research projects that could help win the fight against dementia.

Although dementia is grim, we want all our supporters to enjoy raising money to help us beat it.

BRACE receives no government funding for research or the cost of running the charity. Everything we spend comes from voluntary donations, fundraising activities, sponsorship, legacies and sales.

This means that we rely on people like you who want to help us in one of these ways. We have spread our fundraising activity wide enough to include everyone who wants to help, whether they have money to give, time to spare or neither!

If you are in a position to make a donation, you can do this very easily right now through this website. The various ways you can donate are listed here.

If you want to help our fundraising by giving a gift of time, please see our volunteering page. This might mean helping as a volunteer or by attending an event.

We also have ways you can help our fundraising that require neither volunteering nor a donation. You can shop online through links on this website which will generate commission for BRACE through major retailers.

Finally, you can help make others aware of our fundraising work by following us on one or more of our social media pages.


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